What a Professional Cleaner Can Tell You about Cleaning

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how does it feel to be a cleanerAn anonymous cleaner revealed his/her thoughts on this professional occupation to The Guardian a few days ago. We at Cleanerconfessions were deeply impressed so we would like to share some of it with you.

Cleaning is not a shameful profession, it is a sophisticated job, as it takes stamina, flexibility, knowledge and training to become an expert. But in spite of that, some clients still treat such professionals disrespectfully. Yes, it is embarrassing and disrespectful to lie on the sofa, watching sitcoms and sipping beer and nibbling chips, while a cleaning expert is vacuuming the food residues you toss around you.

Why do people hire cleaners: out of laziness or lack of time? It is hard to tell, but obviously when there is no time to manage it themselves, professional services are the solution. But when someone pays for cleaning, this is not an excuse to treat the personnel like their inferiors.

However, one of the good aspects of embracing cleaning as a profession is that you can get a sneak peak in others’ lives. There are some disturbing findings, after all, as some may leave their bank statements, and others their dirty underwear. It is a fact that one can tell a lot about the character and the life of a person, by entering their home and estimating what is there and why. How about self-help books and an empty bottle of alcohol by the bed? Cleaners can make good psychologists, as they are discreet and never comment or reveal what they see while on duty.

Do you have experience as a cleaner? Do you want to share an interesting cleaning fact or story?

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