Australians Clean Their Homes Themselves

Australians are the people who hire cleaners less than the other Western countries and they prefer cleaning their homes themselves. The latest research made by Dr Lyn Craig in the country showed that less than 10 percent of the population have used the help of a cleaner for the last two weeks.

These facts are surprising because Australians used to hire cleaning services a lot especially in 1930s and 40s. Later the percent of people taking advantage of cleaners decreased because women found work in the fabrics.

During the last twenty years, researchers expected that more families will start hiring domestic help because of the busy everyday schedule. But the tendency is the opposite. Dr Craig considers that one of the major factors is the recession which makes people spend less and save more. This correspondingly means that the families with high incomes are more likely to hire cleaners.

Well, the reality is not such. The statistic shows that even the wealthy Australian families prefer to handle the household tasks themselves. The busy schedule and the money is definitely not the reason.

According to Janeen Baxter the one and only reason for this tendency is the community view that a woman should clean the house herself. Baxter’s opinion is that Australians do not feel comfortable when somebody else is handling their responsibilities. The majority of Australian women also think that a cleaner is not going to do the work as perfect as they would.

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