Walk on and Your Clothes Will Clean the Air

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The Manchester Science Festival has a lot to offer. One of its major attractions is the new type of jeans ‘Catalytic Clothing’, the cutting edge catalytic converters, that you can put on while walking down the street.  It is an innovative way to cut air pollution, clothes will now clean the air.

According to the creators’ team the new fabric is equipped with titanium dioxide particles. The denim has a special coating able to absorb and break nitrogen oxides into mild non-polluting particles.

‘Catalytic Clothing’ is a product of research conducted in the University of Sheffield. Both the designer Helen Storey and the chemist Tony Ryan have researched the properties of clothes when it comes to reducing air pollution. It all comes down to a laundry additive called CatClo. One pair of jeans washed with this very additive can remove 5g of nitrogen oxides a day.

As jeans are one of the most preferred garments, they are perfect for this mission. Denim jeans what most people wear on a daily basis. Starting from denim on, scientists aim at applying the additive more often and on other fabrics.

So if you are interested you can visit the current exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival.

For more information check: http://www.manchestersciencefestival.com/

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