New Robot Cleaner for Tablets

On February 10th, 2013 By 

Automees mini robotThere is a new robot cleaner on the market. But this one is going to clean the floor or the windows and it is going to clean your tablet or smartphone.

The name of the robot is Takaa Tomy AutomeeS and it was created in Japan. Its job is to wipe the surface of a tablet or smartphone and to remove any grease, fingerprints and bacteria. People do not spend that much time to clean their devices but this mini robot is not going to save time. It is just taking care for your tablet instead of you. Besides it is very cheap. wrote that its initial price in Japan will be £11.

AutomeeS is the same as large robotic vacuum cleaner but only its size is different. Just as the huge vacuum cleaners, the mini robot has sensors to detect the edge of the device and not fall down. The batteries needed for the robot to work are two AAA ones. They make the cleaning wheels spin and therefore clean the surface of your tablet.

5 minutes are not that mush time but you can spend them having rest on the couch while your mini robot is cleaning your smartphone and tablet’s touch-screen.

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