Men Clean More Than Women ? !

Men Clean More Often Than Women

Are men really tidier than women? A recent study confirms the fact that men spend more than 8 hours doing household work. 66 percent of men polled say that they clean often, while only 62 percent of women admit to cleaning their homes often.

The recent study shows that gender stereotypes have turned upside down over the past decades. Back in the 1960s housewives spent more than 30 hours weekly taking care of their homes. Men cleaned for some 4.9 hours a week.

But it turns out that men are now more inclined to execute domestic tasks. Cooking, washing, cleaning and etc, the former women-only jobs are now man occupation. Male household activists are gaining ground.

The research reveals that 30% of Brits spend 30 hours weekly doing household chores. Women are now more than astonished that men are willing to help with housework. Time management and fitting all tasks in a busy schedule is a common problem. 30 hours of housework per week should be equally divided among all inhabitants. Co-habiting couples often resort to finding professional help in order to spend their free time together

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