A $300 Window Washing Robot – Meet Winbot

Winbot Window Cleaner

Winbot is the latest innovation on domestic cleaning technology market. We are now acknowledged of the availability of all carpet cleaning robots named Neato, Roomba and so on. They are all perfect domestic helpers saving us the tiring vacuum cleaning.

What is Winbot? Winbot is the newest window cleaning robot that will be up for grabs soon, coming up in spring 2013. It is attached to the window via powerful vacuum suction. It is safe as it is equipped with internal battery that keeps it attached to the window even in case of a power cut.

How it cleans windows – it uses a cleaning pad with a squeegee and dries with its drying pad on the back. Some assistance is needed just to add cleaning solution to the pad. Manufacturers Ecovacs warn against the use of sprays containing ammonia as they can damage the robot. Pads are easily removable and can be machine-washed.

The smart part of using Winbot is that it glides on the window and changes direction when bumping into a frame, going back in the other direction. It cleans in horizontal lines. There is a higher end modification that can be used on mirrors.

Does it clean well? If there is no excess solution on the pad the robot will clean both inside and outside windows well. It has a remote control though, so even when there are some streaks left they can be recleaned.

Winbot will be perfect for cleaning hard to reach windows. When cleaning dirty windows manufacturers advise pre-cleaning with a rag and spraying some of the dirt down. Bring Winbot to the rescue only when the window is dry because the small pads remove as much dirt as they can really handle as they are not as wide as the entire window.

All in all, a window cleaning robot is a preferred alternative compared to climbing on a ladder carrying a bucket and a spoonge. The robot will pay off, these $300 are a good investment.

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