Lifestyle project : Silica Lodge Pond Cleaning

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pond cleaning

Two sisters will dedicate a day to cleaning Silica Lodge pond. The girls are planning to recreate the environment that swans and ducks can come back to under the Lifestyle project.

The sisters, Maddie Willerton, 12 and her elder Erika-Jane Willerton, 14, miss the great time they once had there, fishing and camping. Birds will be given a new home as the two volunteers plan to build a swan raft, install bird boxes and construct a nature trail in the park.

Willerton sisters participate in the Lifestyle project with the aim to make Silica Lodge Country Park the clean and pleasant place it used to be. Let’s wish them good luck and be grateful for their good deed. Helping the local community to have cleaner green space is a noble act. Are you part of the Lifestyle project? Do you get involved in community jobs often? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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