Hospital Cleaners of Greater Social Value Than Bankers and Advertisers

hospital cleaners of high social value

New Economics Foundation has published a recent research pointing that child-care executives and hospital cleaners are more socially valuable than bankers. The research estimated the social value of workers of all kind. Cleaners are rated as more valuable than advertisers and bankers.

Six professions were subjected to evaluation to determine how much each contributes to society. Hospital cleaners came up on top – as they create 10 times more value than they are paid. For each pound they are paid they are estimated to create 10. Bankers on the other hand are said to spend seven pounds per pound generated, due to the financial crisis and risky ventures. So, as it turns out, cleaners create value, while bankers destroy it.

Child-care workers are also of great benefit to society, they rank second on the chart with 9.5 pounds value created for a pound of their salary. Their overall social contribution amounts to assisting in social care and helping in next generation intellectual and sustainable development.

Recycling is also a job of high social value – reducing carbon emissions and processing recyclable items is estimated to create 12 pounds per one pound paid as salary. Reusing and recycling are of great environmental value.

Of lowest social value are tax accountants and advertising executives. Tax accountants, according to the research destroy 47 pounds per each pound generated.  Advertising executives are said to destroy 11 pounds, while creating one, as when they help a client save some money, it is not used to the state’s benefit.

So being a cleaner turns out to be a quite respected profession? What do you think?


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