New Street Cleaning Machines in Hucknall

If you live in Hucknall or Bulwell, you will be able to enjoy clean streets from now on. The latest news in the area is that the City Council invested great amount of money in buying new street cleaning machines.

The Council admits that they listened to the residents of the districts who wanted cleaner streets and less dirt. That is why they spent £280,000on new vehicles which will achieve exactly the required results. The cleaning machines can reach even the most narrow streets and the junk across the area will be significantly reduced.

The City Council says that the easiest way to keep the place clean is not throwing garbage everywhere but in the trash bins which were installed for that purpose. This is where people can trash even the garbage left from their pets.

Still the good news is that those new cleaning machines are environmentally friendly and they are not going to pollute the air as much as the old ones.

The authorities ask the people to call if they notice an area that needs to be cleaned. You can find more information here:

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