How Much People Spend on Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is the day when we have to buy something to our loved ones. But how much is a normal price to pay for a gift on this day? And how much most people spend to buy a present to their loved ones?

The fact how much people spend on Valentine’s Day is as interesting as the amount of money spend on Christmas. In fact the experts claim that sometimes St Valentine’s day looks like the days before Christmas when everybody is running around buying presents in the last minute. A research made recently shows that most people are inclined to spend a lot of money in order to make their loved ones happy giving them luxurious gifts.

The chocolates and candies are not very desired presents these days. Technology becomes more popular and more couples started buying iPads, iPhones or tablets. If you don’t believe it you can see it for yourself in the UK website where the final results after a poll made by the website reveals that number 1 desired gift for St Valentine’s Day is the Apple tablet. If now we have to answer the question how much people spend on Valentine’s Day, we have to reply “a lot”.

Another popular gift is lingerie and it can be cheap or expensive depending on the material and the brand. This is the second most preferred present according the participants in the UK research.

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