Home-owners Get Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

On October 28th, 2012 By 

hurricane sandy hits east coastThe hurricane Sandy is closing the east coast of the United States and Canada and the home-owners are getting prepared for the upcoming storm very carefully.

The public services in New York are suspended today and the storm is expected to reach Lake Ontario on Tuesday. What is very essential for every home-owner is to make sure the gutter systems in the house are working properly. That’s also what the owner of a gutter cleaning company point out. Chet Lochman revealed that many people have called his company since the news that Sandy will hit the east coast was spread.

Usually home-owners hired these services in late November but this year things were different. People were worried about the leaves falling from the trees and plug-in the gutters. The pumping-shafts on the streets also have to be checked thoroughly before the storm otherwise they may cause flooding of the streets and damages.

Fortunately the level of Lake Ontario is low and it is not expected to cause problems. All we have to do now is to pray for those people standing on the way of the hurricane Sandy.

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