Dyson Takes Bosch to Court for Stealing Tech Info

Dyson Sues Bosch for stealing tech infoThe British manufacturer and creator of the vacuum cleaners without bags, James Dyson accuses the German brand Bosch of using the services of a spy to steal confidential information.

On 25 of October Dyson announced that he is taking Bosch to court for stealing tech info from him. He claims the Germans hired a spy to find the secret technology Dyson is using for the creation the motors of the vacuum cleaners. This technology has been used for almost all of the Dysons’ machines including Digital Slim and Airblade.

The famous manufacturer stated that the price Bosch paid the mole is £11,500. The most scandalous fact is that according to Dyson, the vice president of the other company was aware of the situation. Dr Wolfgang Hirschburger employed a former engineer who worked for Dyson, says the later.

Bosch on the other hand announced that the same former employee was working in the garden section and not in the vacuum cleaning one. They feel sorry about the legal allegations but claim they have nothing to do with stolen confidential information. Bosch also claims that the employee who worked for Dyson had signed agreement to work in the garden section of Bosch company and Dyson was aware of that.

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