Hollywood Sign to Be Cleaned and Repaired

hollywood-sign-to-be-cleanedOne of the most popular signs in the world is to be repaired and made even more eye-catching. The sign is currently being made brighter and whiter.

A platform will be used to give the sign a facelift. Cleaners and workers are washing and repainting the letters which are 50ft of height.

There is a special occasion for this beautification: the sign located on Mount Lee, Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles will be celebrating its 90th birthday. The project is envisaged to take up to 2 months and a half. Workers will use more than 400 gallons of white paint to restore the brightness of the iconic sign.

Hollywood will have a clean and repaired landmark in less than 10 weeks. The project for a facelift is aiming at making the sign all white eliminating all dirt, discolourations and the marks of time.

source: http://www.thesun.co.uk

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