Extreme Window Cleaning at Shard

On August 26th, 2012 By 

One of the latest extreme experiences is to wash the windows of the tallest building in Europe – the Shard. The 95-storey tower is one of the popular tourist destinations at the Old Continent in the moment. But you probably do not want to be the person who is going to clean it.

Standard.co.uk showed some pictures where we can see the window cleaners as small dots on one of the sides of the building. There are 11 000 glass panels and all of them have to be washed thoroughly. A rope mechanism is what keeps the cleaners safe. But still accidents happen and rescue teams saved a cleaner who was stuck on the 72nd floor days before the opening.

Information was released that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, will abseil from the 87th floor next month. He will do that in order to collect money for the Outward Bound Trust as well as for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust.

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