Most Parents Need Help in Cleaning

More than 50% of all parents claim they need help in the cleaning household tasks. According to a new research made by Reckitt Benckiser almost 70% of parents handle the cleaning chores all by themselves. And almost 60% are those who would like to receive help.

Some parents find a solution in the video games which turn the cleaning process into a fun game. Thus children want to take part in it. Such game is Home Heroes which makes the whole family compete against each other.

Here are some more interesting statistics. It is curious to find out that 35% of men claim they deal with the biggest part of the domestic tasks while only 2% of the women agree with that. It appears that the other 33% have to talk to their partners.

If you have thought that your husband or wife wants to live into a spotless home, then you should better ask. Because statistics show that only 10% of the people want it that way. Some of them even prefer a little bit of mess in their home.

The last interesting information we are going to share with you is regarding the most hated cleaning chore. And the winner is the oven cleaning.

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