Cleanercise and Green Products – the New Fashion

On February 1st, 2012 By 

There is fashion everywhere around us. We check the fashion channels to see the latest trends in clothing and make up. Now it is time to check the latest fashion in cleaning and this is the so-called Cleanercies. If you want to know something more about, then continue reading.

The new trend in the cleaning area is the using of green products as well as practising Cleanercise. This is a method to clean your house, while doing your daily exercise and thus keep yourself in shape. Living in busy times, makes us looking for different ways to combine the daily tasks. Now you can combine the household chores with the fitness.

This new trend came from a professional skater Frankie who shared with us that this way he does several things at the same time and he feels great as well.

Another curious news is that people started using more green products this January. Experts claim that this also becomes popular and more and more cleaners and housewives prefer to exchange the chemicals with some eco-friendly supplies.

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