Rice Vinegar Can Disinfect Salmonella

vinegar and healthJapanese people benefit from the extensive use of rice vinegar as a food seasoning and as scientists have recently discovered as a powerful disinfectant, capable of killing salmonella.

Vinegar is usually made of wine leftovers, and in Japan, “sake” residues. Vinegar production has been improved over the centuries and reach the top, when rice can be used for healing diseases and disinfection.

Brown rice vinegar is rich in acids. There are about 20 amino acids and 16 organic acids found in vinegar produced originally from brown rice.

To recognize high quality rice always check the sediment on the bottle bottom. It makes the vinegar a little muddy, but this is a fine residue that is a sign of quality.

Fine quality vinegar is a quite powerful antioxidant, according to the Vinegar Institute. It can damage free radicals and decrease cholesterol levels in the blood vessels. It can slow cell ageing, too.

Vinegar in any form is an antiseptic. Its high acidity levels can kill bacteria and prevent infections. Streptococcus and salmonella are easily kept at bay by spraying kitchen surface with vinegar. When the liquid is dry its sour smell disappears.

Increasing the use of vinegar in households leads to a healthier life. No matter whether it is for cleaning or cooking purposes, vinegar is a perfect addition to a healthy diet and living.

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