Women in Charge of Gardening

women in charge of gardensWomen rule gardens as they are making the important decisions on planting, colour and landscaping as having a better taste. Men are now getting their hands dirty doing the ‘grunt’ work.

According to a poll conducted by Medical Research Charity Arthritis Research UK and cited by the Telegraph, half of the couples admit that women have the final say when it comes to gardening. Just a third of all respondents claim that men are more active. The survey of 2,000 couples shows 50 per cent of women polled are in charge of gardens.

Women, said to have a better taste, are the ones to choose outdoor furniture, make decisions on landscaping and evaluate plants. Female respondents are more acknowledged with the types of shrubs, flowers and trees and their growing specifics.

Men on the other hand, do most of the manual work. They mow, dig and maintain the garden. Women are mainly involved in weeding and re-potting.

Men and women differ in their gardening responsibilities, but the survey reveals an important fact – couples seldom argue about gardening and discuss costs.

How do you organize gardening? Are women dominant in garden maintenance?

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