The Cleaning Show 2013 – the Best Ever

The Cleaning Show in 2013 will be held in Birmingham and it will occur from 19th of March until 21st. The organizers of the event promise that this one will be the best and the biggest show ever.

Great amount of new features will be exposed to the public and there will be a programme of attractions for everyone. The company which organizes the event is BCCE Ltd. The other two companies which stand behind this are the British Cleaning council and Quartz Business Media as they together own BCCE Ltd.

The exhibition sales director Martin Scott said that according to him this will be the most visited cleaning show with the record number of visitors. Not only because of the large number of features that will be exposed but also because of the International Materials Handling Exhibition which will take place at the same time and will attract visitors from the warehouse sector.

The owners of cleaning businesses won’t miss the event as it gives them the chance to stay tuned with the latest cleaning products and innovations. There will be a Laundry Zone this year which is specially for laundry and dry cleaning services. Of course, the Cleaning Show Innovation Awards won’t be skipped. You can check the details and updated info on the site of the show:

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