Vitamin B3 to Kill Superbugs

vitamin b3 and its superbug killing propertiesSuperbugs are germs resistant to antibiotics. If a person gets infected with them, they can’t be treated with traditional methods. Researchers remind us of the fact that there are staphylococci resistant to Meticillin, for example.

American experts have discovered the remarkable anti-bacterial properties of B3. It is used to enhance Staphylococcus-resistance of human immune system. B3 can be used to increase the number of the immune cells called neutrophili produced in the body and thus stimulate illness recovery and enhance body’s germs-resistance once the bacteria infects it.

Journal of Clinical investigation has published a research stating that vitamin B3 properties can be crucial to superbugs treatment. There is hope for curing Staphylococcus aureus infections. The latter are quite commonly spread in hospitals, prisons and elderly people’s lodgings. Bringing the spread under control can be further improved by using Vitamin B3 in extremely high concentration.

American scientists count on the vitamin B3 ability to increase immune cells anti-bacterial resistance.

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