Software Measuring Keyboard’s Cleanliness

Self-cleaning keyboardA company based in Edmonton works on two great projects which to help us improve our hygiene. It is a widespread fact that one of the dirtiest things in the world are keyboards which contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. But how are these becoming cleaner?

The company called Cleankeys Inc. developed a software that alerts people when the keyboard needs to be cleaned. According the vice-president of the company, this tool is going to inform us how dirty the keyboard is, when it has to be cleaned and correspondingly it is going to measure how clean the keyboard becomes when you wipe it.

This software is especially helpful for sterile environments such as hospitals where cleanliness is an important factor. Latest researches showed that the keyboards used there contain dangerous bacteria which can be very harmful for people and especially about patients.

The company is also working on improving its next generation self-cleaning keyboards. These were specially designed to be used by medical and dental workers in order to reduce the spreading of dangerous bacteria.

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