Men Clean the Bathroom Twice a Year

Men Clean the Toilet Twice a Year

How often do you clean your bathroom? And your toilet?

A recent research reveals that the average single man cleans his bathroom two times a year or once every six months. Women, on the other hand, are more strict when it comes to bathroom hygiene and attend to the loo every two weeks.

The study carried out by, an online bathroom retailer, shows that having a grubby loo is a common trend in the average single man’s home.

Men also scrub their shower every 8 months, unlike women attending to their bathroom once a month.

There is another difference, the cleaning products used. Men admit to cleaning with a washing up liquid with just 32% applying  a bathroom cleaning detergent or spray.

Men definitely have a “lax approach to bathroom cleaning”  says Peter Gregg, Director of Men, it is high time you got some bathroom cleaning done.

Last, but not least, another interesting fact. 64% of men surveyed entrust their mother or sister to clean the bathroom for them, as ,maybe, they are not skilled to do it themselves.

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