Madonna Relies on a DNA Sterilization Team

Madonna uses a DNA cleaning teamPop star Madonna is taking special cleaning measures when on tour. She doesn’t want the hotel rooms to have samples of her celebrity DNA left. She uses a DNA Sterilization Team to take care of every single stray hair that she might have left behind.

The pop icon is currently on tour and she is notorious for her numerous staff and employees she always travels with. Seemingly a team of DNA cleaners have joined her entourage, reports Daily Mail. The cleaners allegedly clean each dressing room Madonna has been in during the tour, aiming at eliminating all signs of her presence when she leaves, no DNA trace should remain.

There are tour rules the pop icon has set. No one from the hotel personnel can enter or even look at the room Madonna is occupying. The room is available again only when it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by her DNA team. The ultimate cleaners leave nothing, not a single hair,as they go through every little object and remove all traces Madonna may have left.

As an insider reveals to InTouch that Madonna wants any of  her dressing rooms to feel like home, which requires some extremes such as replacing all the furniture and pieces with those she has shipped in advance.


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