Late Afternoon Is the Best Time to Clean Your Home

best time of day for cleaningCleaning is best performed in the late afternoon, more precisely at 4 o’clock pm. Real Simple Magazine reveals that when a persons starts cleaning around 4 pm it will be carried out in the best way. People are more likely to whistle, they are more coordinated, hands and eyes work in sync, so the chance of spilling, kicking buckets and all other accidental misfortunes is quite slim.

You will be very lucky with window cleaning, too. According to Michael Smolensky, a professor of environmental physiology at the University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston, people are really in the mood for cleaning, whistling and dancing in the late afternoon. Mood levels are reaching their highest levels so if anyone despises cleaning, then they’d rather do it when the clock hands strike 4 pm.

Asthma sufferers have their right cleaning time, too. The happy hour is noon. If a tenant has breathing implications, you will cause less harm to his/her health by cleaning and dusting when he/she is not at home. Allow at least one hour after finishing cleaning so that dust and other small particles that might be allergy triggering will settle. It is recommended to dust between noon and midnight as asthma symptoms are more severe after 6 am till noon and from midnight to

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