Green Cleaning System for Your Home

Do you prefer to use green cleaning products for your household tasks? Some people try to avoid using chemicals and use the known methods for preparing home-made cleaning solutions. But now there is a machine to make this process easier.

New green cleaning system is already on the market and it is going to use water, salt and electricity to turn them into eco-friendly harmless solution. The device’s name is Orbio 5000 Sc. It was launched on the market after a period of testing but it can be found only in the Eastern Tennessee shops now.

The company which produces Orbio – Kelsan is known as a company producing many other green cleaning products. The company president of Kelsan, Ken Bodie says that the machine is capable of replacing most of their products on the market.

The cleaning solution produced by the system is received through the chemical process known as electrolysis. This process leads to the creating of alkaline and acidic stream. The first one is what can be used as green cleaner in your home and it is totally harmless.

Most of the people are still sceptic about the machine as it is “too good to be true”, according some of them.

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Nicholas Carr

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