Do Women Prefer Cleaning over Making Love?


‘I’d rarther clean’ – It is more likely for you, British gents to hear this now, than get a confirmation for ‘parking the beef bus into tuna town’.

Do women in UK really prefer doing domestic chores over making love? Women do derive pleasure from cleaning up and it seams to be much more stress relieving and mentally therapeutic. So gents, bad news for you. According to an Independent daily report of 2006, working women and those that excel in their jobs, feel more in control when vacuuming and like to clean when stressed out. Dusting and scrubbing instead of making love, to your greatest surprise, this is a trend.

Discovery Home and Health website conducted an online study, to find out that women feel more in control when cleaning up and this is more rewarding than making love. It is a fact that a cluttered and messy home is depressing and disturbing and anyone would feel uneasy. But let’s figures speak for themselves:

  • 60% of women interviewed regard cleaning as a mental therapy.
  • 59% of women enjoy tyding up as it makes them feel in control of their lives;
  • and only 4 % admit that they feel like they are wasting their time cleaning.

So men go figure, is cleaning more sexy than making love itself? At least for working women it is.

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