Dentists’ Instruments Not Cleaned Properly

The health officials in the United Kingdom have made an inspection recently of more than thousands of dentists. The conclusion that was made is that at least 15% of them do not clean their instruments properly.

It is very stressful to find out that those people endanger our health by using not properly stored and disinfected instruments. This unfortunately, according the experts, may lead to the spreading of some diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

The total amount of dentists who were inspected is 1 667 as 189 of them failed to observe the law and didn’t follow the instructions by the health department.

Every dentist has to clean their instruments as it follows: scrub in one basin, wash in another, then an inspection under a microscope is obligatory to check for any left fragments. Finally the instruments have to be treated in ultrasonic bath and then stored in sterile packets for at least 20 days.

Some of the instruments used by the dentists should be thrown out after that because they cannot be cleaned and reused safely. Unfortunately one in every 17 dental professionals break those rules.

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