Anti-Litter Campaign by Argus – Keep Beaches Clean

clean beaches campaignAs Brighton and Hove authorities spend millions early maintaining beaches clean, Argus launches today a campaign aiming at involving residents and tourists to do something and urging them to take their rubbish home. Litter infested beaches cause only disgust and repel people, so as they belong not only to the city, but to all people, coming and going, regardless of their residence, it is everybody’s responsibility to keep them clean and take rubbish home or properly dispose of it.

Both locals and tourists should refrain from using beaches as bin, as Brighton currently resembles a landfill, not a tourist resort.

In order for Brighton and Hove beaches to remain major tourist attraction, immediate counteraction is required. Sussex beaches for example receive a tonne of junk weekly.

Brighton and Hove was attended by at least hundred thousand visitors, and the mess left was really a huge environmental problem. Residents were appalled by the beer bottles, and all rubbish found on the beach.

Argus is organizing a massive clean up starting today and continuing during the Jubilee weekend. The campaign aims at raising people’s awareness of the damage and blight litter can cause and urge visitors and local residents to take their junk home, unless they risk finding a landfill by the sea, instead of a beach.

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