60% of Kitchen Injuries Related to Hard Root Vegetables

Turnips and Pumpkins are dangerousRoot foods such as pumpkins and squash are said to be the most dangerous vegetables. They are related to kitchen injuries due to their shape and the challenge they pose when it comes to chopping.

The online takeaway service Just-Eat survey reveals that two thirds of kitchen accidents are related to preparing root vegetables such as turnip, pumpkin and others that are hard to chop due to their tough skin. People polled say that skinning and chopping pumpkins is the most dangerous kitchen activity as two in five report trying to chop and slice vegs in the way TV chefs do. Imitating kitchen masters is the way most home accidents occur.

Sheila Merrill of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), advises on being more alert when chopping turnips, pumpkins and etc. Chopping knives should be stored at a safe place out of the reach of children. If they enjoy cooking with you, help them stay safe and improve their skills under your supervision.

Use knives for chopping only, peel using a peeler and prevent accidents. Never chop in a hurry, take your time and measure your efforts and pressure.
If you are having a hard time preparing hard root vegetables let a professional cook for you. This saves you the pain, the blood stains, and the trip to the hospital.

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