The Benefits of Investing in a Professional Cleaning Service

Floor equipment electrical housework dust machineWorkers in the UK spend the majority of their time in the workplace. The average employee spends up to 40 hours a week in the office.

And with that in mind, as an employer, you’re obligated to ensure the health and safety of your staff when they’re in the work environment. This includes making sure that the environment is clean and meeting every other standard set in place by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

5 Benefits of professional cleaning services

  1. Healthy employees: The single most important reason to hire a professional cleaner is for the health of your employees. A dirty office increases the number of sick leaves and reduces overall company output. Where employees are working in a confined space and sharing equipment, it becomes very easy for the whole office to get sick.
  2. Productivity: Hiring a professional cleaning service reduces the risk of your staff being distracted by messes, dirt or clutter. This means they’re able to be more productive. A clean office also means they’re able to find things more easily. By investing in professional cleaners, you’re meeting the barest requirement for ensuring the health and safety of your staff.
  3. Impress: No one wants to get into business with or work for an organisation that they consider dirty or messy. Outsourcing your cleaning effort means that it’s done to a professional standard which means clients are likely to be impressed. Don’t forget, first impressions matter.
  4. Save time: There’s never enough time in the day to run a business and worry about the cleaning of the office as well. Investing in professional cleaning services takes this worry off your place. Even if you aren’t swamped with work, there’re other things you could be doing like catching up with friends and family or going to the gym or just chilling at home with a film.
  5. Experts: The final point, if you weren’t already sold is the fact that when you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re hiring experts that specialise in cleaning and would be knowledgeable in all aspects of it. Commercial cleaners will be trained and have access to the latest equipment to save time and effort.


Before we sign off, it’s important to remember that your duty of care as an employer extends to their working environment. The HSE enforces the regulations in place that require all employers to assess the potential risks to your workers from hazardous substances. This includes dust, debris, fumes and vapours so you must determine the measures required to protect their health.

One of the said measures is making sure that the work area is clean and rid of hazardous substances. These measures go a long way to showing your employees that you value their health which will, in turn, increase their loyalty to your organisation.

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