How to Manage your Household Chores?

household chores

Daily household chores seem daunting tasks but if you can breakdown your house into departments and tasks into daily, weekly and monthly schedules they seem much more manageable and enjoyable resulting in a sparkling clean home always. Women are superstars they manage work, kids (including partners) and home. 

Today, we welcome Aini from with her dash of tips to share:

Make your mood

Before you start make sure you are in a good mood, relaxed and happy because if you are not in the right state of mind you cannot do the job right. 

Turn on Music

Treat yourself with your favourite music, you will not feel you are doing a job rather you will enjoy. 

Talk to a friend

Call your bestie, put on hands-free and jobs will magically finish before you even know

Develop a system

Develop a system, like I put dishes in the dishwasher, laundry in the washer and then start cleaning the kitchen by the time I am done cleaning my washer and dishwasher cycles are also complete so technically I completed 3 jobs in the same time. 

Don’t overdo

Don’t try to overdo, don’t try to finish everything in a single go, household chores are monotonous repetitive tasks so only do whatever your mind and body and handle. If you overdo then next time your mind and body will not like to do it again.

Overcleaning Related to Depression and Health Problems

Ask for help 

Make sure kids and your partner put in a fair share 

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