Social Group Offers Cleaning an Area

On February 11th, 2012 By 

People start thinking more and more about the environment and they are not ashamed any more to go out on the street and clean their area. Now we have the example of the English young people from Kilkenny City who offer cleaning a local area.

The group which offer its help is called Youthink and their idea is to spend a weekend cleaning an area which needs that the most. There are many contaminated areas in England and the social group offers to take care of one these places. They explained that they will devote two days of their time to cleaning, painting or decorating neglected area or building.

The good news is that everybody can join the “Weekend Challenge”. There is no criteria and all people are free to spend several hours helping the volunteers. The group Youthink are those who cleaned the contaminated green area in Bishop Birch Place from the rubbish spilled around. The event was in October last year and the volunteers happened to receive great help from the local people.

If you want to take part in this challenge, you can do it. There is nothing more valuable than making one place cleaner and safer for your kids.

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