Neat Freaks TV Special – Welcome to the World of Over-Clean

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There are such people that bleach their food and are freaking out when they see someone talking on the phone without disinfecting it first. Welcome to the neat freaks world.

Neat Freaks is going to be the name of the newest TLC special, starting next Wednesday. The world of people obsessed with cleaning is a bit out of the ordinary. There are some weird habits that neat freaks assume as normal, but others find excessive.

One of the clean freaks starring is Alfreta, is obsessed with cleaning bathrooms to such an extent that she even cleans public toilets whenever she uses them. There is another more disturbing aspect of being a clean freak, Alfreta is a good example of that, she goes on cleaning hosts’ houses she is invited to.

She admits that she cleans as a normal person, just once a day, but it takes about 12 hours. Is she over-doing it, or cleaning bathrooms is her addiction. Every day, all day cleaning, you can be a witness to all that, as the show premiers next Wednesday on TLC.

Bleaching food is strange, but it is what Alfreta does every time, especially when she eats oranges or apples. Bleaching them completely, to the core.

Is it about being afraid of germs or being over-obsessed with cleaning, some people reveal that they may be addicted to cleaning products smell.


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