Laundry Powder to Save Lives

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New washing powder has the remarkable property to enhance air quality. It can turn out to be lifesaving, too.The innovative laundry powder, called ‘CatClo’, was created in Sheffield University and later further developed by the London College of Fashion. The powder owes its super powers to the tiny pollution-eating particles that can stick to fabrics.

These tiny particles react absorbing pollutants and mainly nitrogen oxides emitted by cars outdoors through the exhaust pipes. These pollutants are one of the main causes of various breathing problems.

Sheffield University experts reveal that this innovative product has a great potential and can be of great environmental benefit. Professor Tony Ryan, one of the initiators of the project, proudly states that this invention can save lives and reduce respiratory diseases.

If everyone in Sheffield cleaned their garments with this new revolutionary product, there will be no nitrogen oxides to cause pollution, said Professor Tony Ryan. This new laundry additive can change air quality for the better and thus reduce pollution.


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