How Harmless Are the Ingredients in Beauty Products?

On November 15th, 2012 By 

beauty productsThe ingredients in the beauty products was revealed to be more dangerous than women thought.

The non-profit organization Environmental Working Group has made a research and discovered that almost 150 of the ingredients in the beauty products can be very harmful for people’s health. Most of these ingredients are carcinogens and may lead to other health problems as well.

EWG tested more than 9500 beauty products and here are the results: 80% of the products contain dangerous ingredients and more than 80% of all tested lip balms have been made from the same harmful products.

A research made in Canada established that an average woman uses at least 12 products every day which contain 168 different parts. That is why one in every 13 women is endangered by harmless products which can lead to health problems and even cancer.

The good news is that thanks to Environmental Working Group, Greenpeace and other organisations, the manufacturers of many beauty products started changing the ingredients of their cosmetics.

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