Household Chores Can Lead to Divorce

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dish washing fights may lead to divorceFighting over the household chores is the second most common reason for a divorce, a recent survey revealed. The first one is money then rows over who washes the dishes and who cleans the house rank second.

The research had been made online and the results were revealed by Daily Mail. The first one in the list with bad habits which would lead to a divorce or a break up is the bad personal hygiene. The second one is the fighting over the cleaning chores in the house. If you think about it you probably know at least one couple which broke up because of arguing who’s turn is to wash the dishes from the dinner.

It is surprising that the first month after the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve is the time when a record number of people want to divorce. The reason is the busy schedule most housewives have because of the holidays and the huge family gatherings.

How can you prevent this? If you don’t want to be part of these 31% of women who would divorce because of lack of help with the household chores, you have to spare some time doing nothing. That’s right. Spare an hour or two to relax on the sofa with your husband without thinking about the dishes and the cleaning you have to do.

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