Dubai Officers to Protect Cleanliness

On April 30th, 2012 By 

Some countries have huge problems with the cleanliness. Dubai is not among the countries which have the biggest troubles but the authorities definitely do their best to reduce the public trash dumping.

That’s why there are officers who are going to check for people’s public behaviour. As a result everybody who has been seen to throw his chewing-gum or cigarette on the street will be fined. The authorities in the country announced that there are 869 cops whose job will be to keep an eye on people who throw junk on different places except the trash cans. The officers are allowed to write down the licence number of your car or the number of someone’s labour card.

The Director of Waste Management Department in Dubai said that the people who behave uncivilised are not that much but a fine for those who leave their cigarette on the street will cut their number. The fine a person will get if breaks that law is Dh500.

The conclusion is that we’d better be more careful when visiting Dubai. And please do not throw your waste wherever you want, because you may get back home broke.

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