Cleaners in London “Win a Battle”

On August 30th, 2012 By 

The London cleaners who work for the Resource Group and clean the London School of Economics succeeded in their goal to stop their bosses cutting a great amount of their salaries. They were about to loose £1,000 a year.

The plan of the owners of Resource Group was to cut at least 20% of the payment of each cleaner because of the reducing of their working hours. The cleaners went out on the street for a strike as they were supported by the LSE students. Thus they achieved their goal and finally stop the cuts.

Some cleaners working for the Societe Generale bank were even more endangered. Their management wanted to cut their working hours in half but make them do the work which had been done by two employees. The reforms were due to start in September but the managers of the bank stopped their actions because of the threat of the cleaners that they will start a protest and industrial action.

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