How Clean Lunch Boxes Are?

Do you know how clean the lunch box of your child is? It appears that only few parents clean those boxes on a regular basis. And not  washing is the real problem but some simple steps we very often consider as minor.

The Global Hygiene Council service made a research and estimated that 55% of all Canadian mothers forget to clean their children’s bags before each usage. Dr. Donald Low says that most of the parents do not realize the risk they put their kids at. Skipping to wash the lunch box for several days increase the chance of dangerous bacteria growth.

No matter how fresh the food you place in the box is, once it rubs into the inside wall of the box, the bacteria can multiply and endanger the health of your child. Another bad habit parents have is not making their kids wipe their desks. Eating on a dirty surface is even more dangerous than putting your food into a dirty box.

Experts advise parents not only to wash their kids’ lunch boxes every time they put food in it but also to teach the children to wipe the surface in the eating area before putting their lunch on it. A recent test in the elementary schools in United States showed that 44% of all eating surface contain pathogens.

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