Are Machines Replacing Cleaners?

On June 23rd, 2012 By 

As the technologies are getting better and better, it becomes harder for us to decide whether we need a machine or a cleaner for a certain job. This is how the question was put: are the machines replacing the cleaners?

The innovations in the area of the cleaning services are more and more with each day and there are technologies which make us wonder are the cleaners becoming useless as new machines hit the market every day.

The truth is that the man power can be easily removed from activities which need mainly repeat cleaning but it is still useful when it come to equation, the experts claim. One of the areas where the cleaners cannot be replaced is the desk cleaning. There is not a machine to be able to clean the keyboard or the screen of the computer.

The main reason most of the people to choose a machine instead of a cleaner is the productivity. Electrical appliances are not getting tired and work as long as needed which makes them more productive and time-saving. But this is not enough and the man power won’t be totally replaced soon.

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