Hope for Oil Spills Cleaning with Magnets

The hope that someday we will be able to clean the oil spills in the sea never dies. There is a new research revealing that those spills may be cleaned with “magnetic emulsions”.

The first time when we heard about a possible solution to this problem was in January when a special “magnetic soap” with iron atoms was reported. The same team which developed the previous research is now working on the new “magnetic emulsions” which hopefully will put an end of the oceans’ pollution.

A molecule makes the mentioned emulsions which are blends not able to mix. It also affects oily materials and makes them coat and blend. That’s why the molecule can be used for cleaning oil spills. According to Julian Eastoe, this is more than just a test but it is “a practical application without a shadow of doubt”.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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