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cleaning app for IphoneClean freaks cleaning schedule is an app that allows iPhone users to organise their homes and plan their cleaning daily.

It offers an easy solution for busy people that barely have the time to clean. As created by working parents, Clean Freaks Cleaning App is a cleaning organiser that breaks cleaning into smaller and easier to do tasks. Doing a little every day is not that hard to achieve when the app is installed.

The app shows how often a room is cleaned. When a task is done, the list keeps track of the cleaning routine and is able to configure a new cleaning schedule with less frequently cleaned places.

The main features include not only adding and removing tasks, but also a checklist that rotates the tasks, 2/4/8 rotations section, days-counting between each cleaning.

Installing the app enables user to skip cleaning when they are busy, and also postpone cleaning for later, this is a perfectly manageable cleaning schedule.
It is specially designed for working parents or people with an active lifestyle. If don’t have the time to clean, the Clean freaks cleaning schedule will help you find the right moment. Cleaning is not to be neglected, just clean while you can and leave the rest to be organised by the cleaning planner.

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