Clean the House to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer

The healthy way of living becomes modern these days and a lot of people are now thinking of eating healthy food and avoiding dangerous ingredients and chemicals. In fact people realize that life’s too short to waste it.

The modern technologies and researches show us how to protect ourselves from particular diseases and how to reduce the risk of some of the most common health conditions. One of the latest scientist’s studies revealed that the physical activities such as washing the dishes and cleaning the house reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

During the research the doctors asked 716 people, who volunteered to take part in the program, to wear with them a device which examines their daily activities. The results was clear after an year. The scientists discovered that 71 of the people who participated in the program had Alzheimer. Those were the people who exercised least. The rest of the people who had higher physical activity reduced the risk of the disease on the half.

And you don’t have to worry if you don’t have free time to spend in the gym. It is enough for you to clean the house every day and to handle the household tasks by yourself. Dr Simon Ridley is one of the people who claim that they already have evidences that the physical activity can really help us prevent the Alzheimer’s disease.

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