Victory for John Lewis Cleaners

John-Lewis cleaners won pay riseThe cleaners who work in the stores of John Lewis finally won the battle and received the pay rise they insisted for.

The contractor working for John Lewis is ICM and the employees of the company wanted higher salaries. After several months of protests they finally won and their victory leads to 9% rise of the payments starting from the date when they went out for a strike.

All cleaners will receive 6.72 pounds per hour, if they work in the central parts of London and 6.50 pounds per hour for those who work in the outer parts of the city. The supervisors’ payment will be 8.00 pounds per hour or 7.84 if they work in Outer London.

The IWW trade union explains that the payments which the cleaners will get from now on and the backdated sum they will receive for Christmas is going to change thoroughly their way of living. This is also an example for other workers who want higher payments. The victory of John Lewis cleaners is going to encourage them to seek for justice.

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