Using Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes? – This May Be Harmful

antibacterial treatment dangerous

How often do you use antibacterial cleaning wipes? Tell us in our comment form below and a CleanerConfessions expert will reply shortly. If you are fond of wiping all germs away with a single hand stroke, you won’t like what recent research reveals on the safety of this practice: chemicals used for disinfection may put your health in risk. 

Triclosan, one of the those commonly used chemicals studied by University of California, has the ability to affect muscle contractions by reaching deep to cells. Triclosan hinders muscle activity and can make heart cells and fibres fail to contract, which may lead to a fatality.

In laboratory tests showed that mice exposed to Triclosan for about 20 minutes tend to slow their heart functions by 25%. Fish treated with Triclosan start to swim slowly. How harmful this chemical is to humans, this is still a matter of scientific research.

Triclosan was first used as a disinfectant in hospital wards to bring infections spreading under control, but it turns out that this chemical with alarming cardiac impact, is commonly used in households daily.

Another interesting fact on antibacterial products – bacteria can actually withstand such treatment if it is done often enough. Germs and bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, and then some bacterial stains can form.


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