Ultrasound to Be Used for Cleaning Food



Ultrasound already has its application in science. U.S. researchers are now killing bacteria and germs on food, using ultrasound. Spinach and lettuce can be cleaned with ultrasound waves which work as waterborne bullets to help kill E. coli for example.

Food scientists have recently proven that enhancing sound waves with high power can be a good cleaning method removing 70 to 90 per cent of all harmful bacteria found on leafy foods.

As the properties of ultrasound are well-known and used in other industries, it is high time the food industry benefited from it. It is a proven fact that ultrasound is now used for sterilizing medical equipment, for example. Sound can be used for cleaning even gun parts, why not food?!

Mr Hao Feng, a food scientist, says that mature technology like using powerful ultrasound can clean green leafy foods. They are known to spread E. coli and other bacteria causing food contamination. Spinach E. coli outbreaks have already taken 5 tolls in the U.S., back in 2006, so experiments with ultrasound can lead to a new way of counterfeiting food infections.

How does ultrasound clean? 

As leafy foods are washed in metal containers with flowing chlorinated water, ultrasound machines can help enhance cleaning efficiency. Ultrasound reduces the amount of chlorine the leafy foods receive and thus breaks the shield allowing the bacterial-killing procedure to be performed in a better way. Powerful soundwaves can also react directly with the pathogens, decreasing their resistance. Sound waves have another secret power – they act as water bullets shooting the surface, creating pressure zones or the so-called cavitations.

What do you think of combining technologies in this way? Cleaning, science and cooking all powered by the cleansing properties of sound. This is the future. 

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