Power of Colours to Change Your Home for the Better


Colours have the power to affect mood, scientists say. Here are the most powerful colours and how to make use of them.

Colours should play a significant role when painting your home and contemplating on the design and furniture.

Red – is the ultimate energy booster. It also builds up confidence and has a positive affect on the nervous system. It is all about generating energy.

Blue – is the calming colour. It will give you peace. Painting the walls blue will help you chill and relax. Refrain from using blue when you often feel out of energy or feel moody.

Yellow – is the most suitable colour for your kitchen or dining room. Yellow is the colour stimulating appetite and another mood booster – the cheering one. Citrus fruits decoration and baskets will also make your room a happier one when you are not that brave to paint the walls yellow.

Green – is the freshest and peaceful colour. It is the colour of vitality and can freshen up the room. Green and lime-green will endorse peace and calm your strained eyes.

Orange – is the colour of entertainment, it brings a festive mood. It is a perfect choice for your hall or guest room. Even orange glasses bring more fun.

So which is your favourite colour?

Source: http://www.care2.com/

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