How Women Compete for Men’s Jobs?

Business Women Recession makes today job market a challenge for every woman and especially for those who want to work in an office where men are the main motive power. But experts claim it is not impossible for a woman to get a men’s job if she knows how.

In a situation when a woman competes with several men for a job which is usually done by males, her chance is to nail the interview, according to Alan Carniol. Heather Huhman from Forbes talked to the founder of Interview Success Formula and he revealed several tips every woman should use if she wants to win.

One of the obligatory things to think about is the preparation for the interview. Be prepared with a research and try to think of all possible questions you may be asked about. One common mistake of women is that they answer personal questions which the employer shouldn’t ask. Carniol’s advice is to tell a story of your work experience showing your excellent skills and how the company can benefit from them.

It is also important for a woman to be appropriately dressed. This influences on the first impression which is essential. Be confident in front of the interviewers but be careful not to overestimate yourself. This won’t make you look good. In case you happen to fall into situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to get back to a task you have accomplished with ease.

In some countries the rights which men and women have on their work place are equal. But still many companies prefer hiring men because they don’t get maternity leave and they do not stay at home when children are sick. Hopefully this is going to change very soon.

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