Experts Proved: Vinegar Kills Household Bacteria

Probably many people still ask themselves are those green cleaning products that effective as everybody says. But now the experts answer this question or at least one of the many. And one of the most discussed themes has always been the vinegar and its cleaning features.

And finally experts proved that vinegar kills household bacteria without a problem. Obviously there is one eco-friendly, cheap and unhazardous cleaning supply which really works. It is probably not as effective as the commercial toxic cleaners but it does work and is great disinfectant.

Vinegar kills household bacteria because it contains acetic acid which changes chemically the fats and the proteins in the bacteria. When researchers in the US tested both the commercial cleaners and the vinegar, they found out that the last has very strong cleaning features and it can affect different domestic germs.

According to the scientists it is also capable of killing the flu virus. The latest researches proved that vinegar not only kills household bacteria but it can inactivate the virus of the flu. Such featutes has the bleach as well.

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