Dry Ice Blasting for a Spick and Span Home

A cleaning company in Palisade, Colorado, brought to the world a new eco cleaning system. Kim Parker, the company owner, prides herself on their achievement of cleaning any surface with dry blasting ice.

Spick and span cleaning is just a button away. Turn the magic dry ice machine on and let cleanliness happen. According to Don Parker, Kim Parker’s husband, this particular machine relies on a remarkably strong ice flow. The dry ice is emitted at such a speed that it blasts clean any surface. And then frozen carbon dioxide is used to get it spotless.

Dry ice blast cleaning is an innovative approach to making all surfaces clean in seconds. If you intend to re-paint an object, dry ice blast it and it is ready for the first layer of paint.

The technology is based on the following principle: low temperatures and especially frigid dry ice makes the surface shrink and this removes dust and grime in one fraction of time. Then powerful frozen carbon dioxide comes out in the form of steam and loosens any grime particles left by exploding to about 800 its original size. Thus, any known grime, smoke, mould, even old rust can be effectively blown away. This cleaning innovation can be used for gentle items as old books, for example, but also for cleaning hard steel, too.

Green and effective cleaning of various items and surfaces, with no chemicals involved. Only pure natural CO2 as dry blasting ice that come on the cheap and cleanses better and faster.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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